closed subspace

closed subspace
Математика: замкнутое подпространство

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  • Subspace topology — In topology and related areas of mathematics, a subspace of a topological space X is a subset S of X which is equipped with a natural topology induced from that of X called the subspace topology (or the relative topology, or the induced topology …   Wikipedia

  • Closed operator — In mathematics, specifically in functional analysis, closed linear operators are an important class of linear operators on Banach spaces. They are more general than bounded operators, and therefore not necessarily continuous, but they still… …   Wikipedia

  • Subspace — may refer to:;Mathematics * Euclidean subspace, in linear algebra, a set of vectors in n dimensional Euclidean space that is closed under addition and scalar multiplication. * Linear subspace, in linear algebra, a subset of a vector space that is …   Wikipedia

  • Closed set — This article is about the complement of an open set. For a set closed under an operation, see closure (mathematics). For other uses, see Closed (disambiguation). In geometry, topology, and related branches of mathematics, a closed set is a set… …   Wikipedia

  • Subspace (linear algebra) — In linear algebra, subspace may refer to:* Euclidean subspace, a set of vectors in n dimensional Euclidean space that is closed under addition and scalar multiplication. * Linear subspace, the corresponding notion for abstract vector spaces …   Wikipedia

  • Closed linear span — In functional analysis, a branch of mathematics, the closed linear span of a set of vectors is the minimal closed set which contains the linear span of that set. Contents 1 Definition 2 Notes 3 A useful lemma …   Wikipedia

  • Invariant subspace — In mathematics, an invariant subspace of a linear mapping : T : V rarr; V from some vector space V to itself is a subspace W of V such that T ( W ) is contained in W . An invariant subspace of T is also said to be T invariant.If W is T invariant …   Wikipedia

  • Invariant subspace problem — In the field of mathematics known as functional analysis, one of the most prominent open problems is the invariant subspace problem, sometimes optimistically known as the invariant subspace conjecture. It is the question whether the following… …   Wikipedia

  • Euclidean subspace — In linear algebra, an Euclidean subspace (or subspace of R n ) is a set of vectors that is closed under addition and scalar multiplication. Geometrically, a subspace is a flat in n dimensional Euclidean space that passes through the origin.… …   Wikipedia

  • Linear subspace — The concept of a linear subspace (or vector subspace) is important in linear algebra and related fields of mathematics.A linear subspace is usually called simply a subspace when the context serves to distinguish it from other kinds of subspaces.… …   Wikipedia

  • Relatively compact subspace — In mathematics, a relatively compact subspace (or relatively compact subset) Y of a topological space X is a subset whose closure is compact.Since closed subsets of compact spaces are compact, every set in a compact space is relatively compact.… …   Wikipedia

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